1. The Contracting Parties

This contract has been concluded

  • Name: Völgyerdő Nonprofit Kft.
  • Address: 8800 Nagybakónak, Magyar utca 5.
  • Tax number: 26545738-2-20

as Developer, and

  • Name: ________________________________________________________________
  • Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Tax number: ________________-____-________

as a Reseller.

2. Subject of the contract

Under the terms of the contract, the Developer grants a license to the Reseller for the preferential resale of licenses for the software that he develops, providing a special activation key and support. Reseller agrees to provide customer service for software licenses that he / she has resold.

3. Resale

Resale is as follows:

  1. The software license is purchased from the Reseller by the customer.
  2. The reseller sends the order to the developer by completing the reseller's order form provided on the developer's website.
  3. The Developer records the information of the Reseller and the customer in his / her records. The software license order will be billed to the Reseller and the activation code will be sent the to the Reseller.
  4. Reseller will invoice the software license to the customer and forward the activation code received from the Developer to the customer.

There is no difference between first ordering and extending the software licenses.

4. Discount

Developer gives for all software licenses sold to the Reseller plus 30% discount, giving a maximum of 50% discount of the license fee, depending on the base discount, which means that:

  1. If the base discount on the website is less than or equal to 20% on a given order, then the discount for the Reseller is 30% higher than the discount published on the website, ie when the base discount is 15% then 15% + 30% = 45% is the discoint for the Reseller.
  2. If the discount on the website exceeds 20% of that order, the Reseller will receive a 50% discount on the basic fee of the license ordered.
  3. Discounts are automatically calculated and posted by the reseller's order form in an interactive manner. The number of basic discounts depends on the software number (s) and the license time and can be found in the price list on jobcardsystems.com.
  4. Developer reserves the right to change prices and basic discounts.

5. Payment

  1. Developer agrees that the Developer's online system will automatically send an email to the Reseller immediately (within a maximum of 60 minutes) by submitting a software quote.
  2. Reseller agrees that if he / she do not receive the order within 30 minutes, he / she will immediately notify the Developer of the error.
  3. The Reseller can send a copy of the proof of payment to the Reseller by e-mail.
  4. The Developer undertakes to send the Product Activation Code to the Reseller within one business day (24 hours, consider public holidays and holidays) after the receipt of the transfer fee or the amount on the bank account arriving.

6. Product Activation

  1. The developer sends a special activation code to the Reseller's e-mail address that, after activation, hides the developer's name, website, and contact information and logo in such a way that the user can not determine the source of the software. Instead of these, the Reseller's name and contact details are displayed.
  2. The Reseller accepts that the inactive (demo) software displays the developer's name and availability.
  3. The Reseller accepts that Product Activation Data is stored in a database file within the root directory of the installed product and if the Product Activation Data File is corrupted, the Developer Details will inevitably appear on the software interface.

7. Support

  1. The Developer is responsible for providing product support for the Reseller.
  2. Developer does not provide direct customer service for Reseller's customers.
  3. Reseller agrees to provide customer service for users of resold licenses.

8. Data protection

The parties undertake to act in the following manner as regards data protection:

  1. Reseller's customers undertake to forward the order information to the Developer.
  2. Developer undertakes to act according to the GDPR for data protection.
  3. The Developer is responsible for not disclose any third party information received from the Reseller and the Reseller's data.

9. Scope of the contract

  1. The contract came to an indefinite time.
  2. The contract may be terminated by any party within 30 days.
  3. For matters not covered by the contract, the terms of the General Terms and Conditions apply.
  4. Issues not covered by the contract and the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by applicable law.

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